3 Steps To Being Business Interview Ready

1. Prepare: This is step one.

a. Dress for the job you want
If you have applied for a job at a bank, then dress in what you see other bankers dressed in. Business casual if you’re applying for a teller position and strictly business dressed for management or higher positions. This would include a business suit, and tie for gentlemen.

b. Have current updated resume
Very often people have submitted a resume that has a company name that is not of the company they just applied for. You have to make sure that when you personalize your resume for the job you’re applying for, you also have updated the company name on it. An easy step to do, but also an easy step to forget which could cost you the chance of the job.

2. Practice

a. The saying that practice makes perfect, is very true when it comes to interviews. You can search top 20 interview questions and be familiar with how you would answer them. Most businesses will want to know the same types of things from interviewees and its beneficial to already have answers ready. Knowing the qualities you have that are beneficial to the company, your strengths, your weaknesses, and why you want the job are among the top asked questions.

b. Practice makes it easier to speak and not be caught off guard. When you are asked unexpected questions, often times you become nervous and mentally freeze up not knowing what to say.

c. Most interviewers are asking open ended questions, this means they want you to elaborate past just a yes or no answer. Practice answering all the questions with detailed specific answers that let the interviewer know more about what they are asking.

d. Sometimes companies unknowingly ask illegal questions and sometimes you need to prepare yourself for how you will answer these or if you will answer them. As the interviewee you have every choice to not answer these questions, as well as not get the job.

3. Research the company
a. It is beneficial for you going into an interview if you know a little bit about the company. Knowing their values and mission statement will help you determine if this is even a job you want to be applying for. Also, the interviewers will take special notice to those who have done their homework and researched them. Mentioning recent donations they have made or other local events they’ve been involved in lets the interviewer know you truly have an interest in working with the company.

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