Business Interviews and First Dates: This Will Blow Your Mind

“Hey. I like you. Will you go out with me?”

After weeks of stalking, endless dreaming, and several poor attempts at “conversation”, you finally man up. You finally pull yourself together and ask that cute girl if she wants to go on a date with you. One eternity (2 seconds) later, she agrees. Awesome. So, the hardest part is over… right?

Right. You wish.

Son, what comes next is a crazy train ride. Your first date.

As your first date progresses, you two really get along and have a good time. Just one problem. Your date examining you. The person sitting across your table is pretty much dissecting you in his/her head and learning every single aspect about you. Worst part is, you know about it. So, you try to bring out every single good point about yourself so that she has a good impression of you. And just when you thought it was a great date, you have to wait for her verdict whether she thinks you are right for her or not.

Wait! This sounds awfully familiar.

Well, when I say familiar, I am NOT talking about your own painful memories. This entire process is quite similar to something else. Something that is a major pain in the backside. Something that our older readers might know very well. Something called business interviews.

The Connection

Jobs can be a hassle. But they pay the bills. But getting a good job is difficult. And interviews don’t make it any easier. Interviews are small session where you introduce yourself and show your employers what you are worth. And employers? Well, they are a sadistic bunch of people sitting across from you and constantly monitoring you. So, you have to impress them. And at the end of it all, you have to wait and see IF they want you or not. Heavy emphasis on the IF.

Making the connections yet? Well, it’s really not that hard to see that job interviews and first dates aren’t really that different. They are practically twins.

If you still aren’t convinced, here are a couple of points that will change your mind.


In both cases, you will feel a bit of blood rush. Your nerves will be prancing around and you won’t be able to focus. In both cases, you are going to worry about making yourself stand out. In both cases, you are going to fear whether you will fail or not. In both cases, you are going to sweat a lot.

Dress To Impress

In both cases, you will have to follow a sort of dress code. In the interview, something formal and neat. On a date, something bright and colorful. In either case, you will have to dress to impress. You will have to dress appropriately so that your employers or your dates think appropriately. And of course, you will have to look good.

Be Confident

A girl likes a guy who is smart and confident. So do your employers. In both cases, you will have to appear positive and confident. In both cases, you will have to show that you are sure and you know what you are doing. Even though you know you have no clue. But don’t worry. We won’t tell anyone.

Just Sell It

Whether in an interview or on a date, the other party will obviously look for the perfect person for them. And that’s where you come in. It’s your job to show them that you are that person. You will have to explain and prove to them how you are the one they are looking for. Whether you do this directly or indirectly, doesn’t matter. The point is, you basically have to sell yourself. So fun.


Whether applying for a job or for a relationship, you will have to do a bit of research. Your employers will like you better if you can show them that you have done your homework. And with the help of glorious Facebook, you can stal – I mean, research- your date to find information about her which you can use to compliment and impress your date. Flattery. It can get you anywhere.

Bottom Line

So, are business interviews and first dates really different? Well, you tell me. From what I have stated so far, I can pretty much say that they are practically the same thing. These two are so similar and so much of a pain, it’s hard to tell them apart. They are practically, dare I say it, brothers from other mothers.

What do you think? I’d say the evidence is there. Now if you

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